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    We help retailers prepare for the future with our collaborative work in the now.
    (no crystal ball required)

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    Remodista is a community first analyst group.

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    We reach into what is happening now, what is about to happen, or what will soon happen.

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    Anytime we bring people together to solve a business problem, that is community.

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What we do

Remodista is a social think tank examining disruption in global retail and fintech. Our mission is to provide insight, education and innovation to global brands through collaborative research and analysis.

  • “Working with Remodista means celebrating a shared belief that empowering female executives around the world leads to a healthier bottom line. We continue working with Remodista because they offer the highest quality connections and content in the industry. ”
    Charlie Cole
    Chief Digital Officer, TUMI
  • “Kelly's community has an amazing energy that just creates a comfortable and invigorating environment. It's unique and amazing! ”
    Michelle Cordero Grant
    Founder and CEO of Lively
  • “Remodista is looking at research and analysis in a whole new way. This community is reimagining how we can collectively think through the global retail disruption impacting all areas of business.”
    Rose Hamilton
    Chief Digital Officer of Vitamin Shoppe
  • “The Remodista Community is an amazing source of opportunities: from problem solving, to best practice in how to navigate business challenges, to referrals for partnerships, to career advice – the community is a source of inspiration in how to continually push the boundaries in retail.”
    Krissie Millan
    EVP, eCommerce and Digital Innovation, Rebecca Minkoff
  • “Remodista provides a global community where professionals are able to collaborate and ideate on innovative Retail and Technology solutions. I have already benefitted from the strong connections with individuals in this community. ”
    Chau Banks
    EVP, CIO, Channel Integration, New York & Company
  • “Remodista provides critical insight to the ever-evolving consumer journey. Their think tank maintains an on going look at global commerce that is necessary in today’s iterative business approach to cross border retail”
    Carl Miller
    Managing Partner, GRIN (Global Retail Insights Network)