Retail Look Book

What is the Remodista Retail Look Book?

The Remodista Retail Look Book is one of the most important retail industry snapshots available today. It is a collection of community-driven cutting-edge tactics for organizations seeking “best in class” status.  We have captured industry-changing learnings, presented hypotheses from years past and offer insights and predictions for 2017.  Interested in who to watch, follow and emulate? We’ve got that too.

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How will the Remodista Retail Look Book help retailers?

This is the ultimate resource for retail leadership to glean insights from retail leaders who believe deeply in collaboration, community and above all:  DISRUPTION.  Specifically designed to help retail leaders stay ahead of the curve, the Remodista Retail Look Book gives you an opportunity to glimpse into what is happening behind closed doors at competitors and technology and service partners.

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What does the Remodista Retail Look Book contain?

In Remodista Retail Look Book you’ll find:

A retrospective of past predictions

A recap of all of the Retail Source Papers – original Remodista insights

A celebration of the first annual Women2Watch List and Award Winners

Original articles from industry leaders from companies like HBC Digital, Rebecca Minkoff and MON PURSE

2017 Hypothesis to help organization plan

Ways to Participate in the Remodista Community

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What does the Remodista Retail Look Book look like?

We combined classic black and white photography with the signature Remodista blue to create a modern and cutting edge book that hearkens back to the classic fashion look book.  Instead of models and clothing styles, we present retail industry trends and insights.

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