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Retail Source Papers

A series of sponsored topical papers, authored by subject matter experts from the Remodista Community.

Improving Mobile Conversion
“The mobile consumer supercharged the ‘what they want, when they want it, and how they want it’ mantra by having the power to buy almost anything with a few touches.”
Kyla Robinson, HBC Digital

A New Chapter in Customer Engagement
“She [the customer] taught us a lot about who we are too, in terms of the service that we provide, the type of culture that we want to cultivate, and where we want to be on the edge of customer experience… She wants to be able to move with ease through those different touch points.”

Entering China
“It’s not a race to get North American retailers in front of the Chinese consumer. It’s a global effort to offer better products and services to them— and they know the difference.”
Samantha Kent, Anheuser-Busch Inbev

Programmatic Marketing
“As we define the future of data insight into retail customer behavior, we’ll see the rise of tactics like adaptive marketing: an impressive and evolving process that will help retailers aggregate data sources and enable user networks to understand and respond to real-time buying signals.”
Rose Hamilton, Vitamin Shoppe

Sophisticated CRM Strategies
“The reverse intuition of CRM is that you need to have your strategic conversations before you ever do a single technical integration.”
Charlie Cole, TUMI

Experiential Marketing
“Experiential brand marketing engages prospective customers in an activity with the aim of building brand awareness and enthusiasm. It never goes out of style.”
Meta S. Brown, Data Scientist & Author of “Data for Dummies”

Seamless Commerce
“The more consumers use technology to learn about products, engage with retailers on social media, and tell us about their preferences when they make purchases, the better we can cultivate a seamless commerce experience.”
Chau Banks, New York & Company

Retail Mastery Series

Deeper dives into relevant topics, featuring research and insights from Remodista community members partnered with industry experts.

Challenging the Customer Experience Status Quo
“The future of retail is a combination of live customer engagement, coupled with a web and mobile, and IoT will connect the dots.”
Kelly Stickel, Founder and CEO, Remodista

Collaborative Research

Multi-page e-books featuring original collaborative research, fresh statistics, in-depth analysis, and insightful findings.

IOT + Retail — A Commercial Look
“If we know that in New York people are taking denim into the dressing room, we can get hyper-local with our marketing and can change the imagery on our interactive wall and email marketing.”
Uri Minkoff, CEO, Rebecca Minkoff

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