Benefit from Connection

Remodista is a social think tank examining disruption in global retail.  Our mission is to provide insight, education and innovation to global brands through collaborative research and analysis.

Remodista’s connections across the retail industry are second to none. World-class brands like Coach, Keds, Zazzle, New York & Company, and HBC Digital trust Remodista to make connections between their business challenges and our solutions. We work closely with brand leaders to build trust, support business objectives and connect brand leaders to the right people when the time is right. We are focusing on building real and useful alliances with our brand companies.

2017 Women2Watch Sponsorships

Remodista Partner Ecosystem

Community is at the heart of meaningful business.  By partnering with Remodista, you’ll be able to leverage our long-term relationships with brands across the globe. You’ll also connect with them directly via our robust community.  Our affordable, flexible and creative partnering solutions leaves room to flex your brand’s problem solving muscles.

Remodista Community Engagement

Combining curated and creative events with community involvement is the key to relationship building with the decision makers that count.  Links and emails are fine.  But is that how you build a relationship with next level leaders that might be beneficial to your business?  With our dinners and cocktail receptions, you will have an opportunity to take your relationship to the next level.  As a sponsor of our dinner and cocktail reception series, you have an opportunity to submerge yourself into a community of the brightest women in retail. With brands like Coach, Vitamin Shoppe, and Donald J. Pliner, it will be easy to connect relationships with your bottom line.

  • Cocktail Reception – Build serious relationships over casual cocktails. These events occur across the United States and offer high-quality network building and community problem solving for 20-25 attendees.
  • Leadership Dinner – These intimate dinners are designed to generate maximum conversation. This event brings 15 to 20 high quality retail brand leaders in one place.
  • Conference Cocktail Reception – Benefit from the momentum of an on-topic conference!  We invite 30 to 40 brand leaders already attending a mission-critical conference to talk about issues that are top of mind for them.
  • Global Leadership Dinner – Designed for 10 to 12 of the highest quality retail brand leaders from around the globe. These dinners can happen in Rome, Hong Kong, or anywhere else innovation is happening.

Remodista Content Support Sponsorships

60% of marketers say that producing engaging content is a top challenge (Content Marketing Institute). When you have a 12-month calendar content to fill up, it can be difficult to ensure that every piece of content you create offers intentional and impactful insights. With the Remodista Content Support program, you can tap into a deep well of community knowledge that reinforces your content strategy. Not only do we connect you with experts from brands leaders from Jack Threads, Ralph Lauren, NY&CO, and Le Tote, we provide you with a plan to distribute it to your network. Go beyond ads to make a real impact.

  • Retail Source Paper Article – Choose from a selection of relevant topics to create a 1,000-1,200-word article that will feature your subject matter expert alongside our knowledgeable community members.
  • Retail Mastery Series White Paper – Take a deep dive into relevant topics to create a 2,000-2,200-word article.  This will feature several Remodista community members, in-depth research by our experts and a highlighted expert quote from your organization.
  • Original Research Project – Embark on a collaborative research program that takes fresh statistics on a relevant topic and turns them into insights that you can share with your prospects. We’ll turn a 10-question survey into a multi-page ebook, creatively displaying the results.

Women2Watch in Retail Disruption Program

Remodista’s Women2Watch is an influential group of thinkers experimenting in online and brick-and-mortar retail. This list celebrates an extraordinary group of women who are solving business problems in the areas of operations, marketing, commerce, supply chain, logistics, and globalization.

The Women2Watch Community offers a unique opportunity to support the growth and exposure for recognized innovative leaders as well as those who are up-and-coming the retail and retail service areas.  Program bundles include exclusive access to TED-like talks and on-the-spot business challenge exploration and ideation with women in the retail elite.  Offering support to this event goes beyond the napkin logo and offers you an opportunity to contribute to the community in a meaningful, memorable way.

2017 Women2Watch Sponsorships